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Fifty Shades of Taylor

Fifty Shades of Taylor (Book One)

Fifty Shades of Taylor (Book Two)

Fifty Shades of Taylor (in Spanish)


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  1. 12/27/2012

    Ughhhh I thought it was going to be a new chapter for book two 😦

    • 12/27/2012

      I know, and I’m really sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m just trying to clean up the blog a bit and did the wrong thing.

  2. 12/27/2012
    Nan Virden

    What happened to the One Shots? Where are they?

    • 12/27/2012

      All fixed Nan. Wasn’t something I planned.

      • 12/27/2012
        Nan Virden

        Yay! I see them now! Thank you.

  3. 12/27/2012

    Okay, I think I see what you are doing. Will the 1 Shots be back on the Home page?
    I didn’t expect anything new from Jane until the New Year, so I can wait until then. Just don’t lose the 1 Shot stories..

    • 12/27/2012

      The disappearance of the One Shots was a surprise to me but I’ve fixed it now and I hope they stay.
      The blog is playing silly buggers with me lately.
      Please don’t hesitate to email me if you notice something else going wrong.

  4. 12/27/2012

    OK, I see them. Thank you BM.

  5. 03/20/2013

    was just wonderin if ur gonna post a new taylor story soon?

  6. 06/10/2013

    Is there only 10 chapters of taylor?

    • 06/10/2013

      No, there are 20 in book one, 11in book two, and two in book three. Hoping for a new Taylor chapter any day now ?

  7. 07/23/2013

    Hola, me gustaría saber ¿cuándo traduciréis a español los capítulos del tercer libro?

  8. 08/30/2013

    Hi. I am trying to read FS of Taylor. The page comes up when I click on it but when I try to click on book one or others and no books come up. Help! Kathy

  9. 12/30/2013

    Hola no puedo leer los capítulos de Taylor en español. ?..

  10. 04/23/2014

    Are you going to post more chapters of paging dr flyn… Is a great story…


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